Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cristina Del Basso Nominata?

Cristina Del Basso Nominated

Cristina Del Basso Nominata? okay Im not Italian so that was UN called for but it kind of makes scene using the original word doesnt it?

If your like me and you find her hot than you might want to know shes been nominated meaning she might have to leave the house.

It is cristina del basso Vs Monica Riva. they are the nominated caniditates, if you can make sure you make youre vote for the one you like best.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

rihanna after beating

R&B Singer Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna and he more or less beat the crap out of her. "Rihanna s injure" was so serious she needed treatment from a medical facility. Crish brown beat her with his fists rhianna claimed and she stated that he didn’t use a physical object (like a hammer) and also, there was serious biting marks stating that chris brown bit rihanna. After the battery he left her on the street and took of after the people of the neighbourhood called the police from rihanas screaming as he punched her in the face and bit her arm. If I got it right, it all went down after the party Adelaide. After the "rihanna beating", there seems to be a lot of buzze about the hole thing, ive been snooping around for "pictures of rihanna after beating" feedback to the media from rihanna after chris brown beat her and rihanna hospital photos. I also did some digging around for feedback from chris brown fans. Apparently, there are lots if people who defend him, he’s fans doesn’t want him to look like this type of man, the state that hes a sweet person etc.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cristina del basso Sexy Video

Cristina del basso Grande Fratello 2009

Like i said in the post about Leonia Coccia, Italian women are amazing and "cristina del basso" is one of them, I could bet some money that she will bee seen in movies soon and probably be labelled ”Nude Sexy Celebrity” pretty soon. Just like "monica bellucci" and other Italian celebrity actresses. If you like to see cristina del basso nude than its not at all hard as most of the shower clips and bedroom clips reveals pretty much of her, leaving verry little to the imagination. I mean sure she have a bikini on but other than that its all skin. Ive been lurking about at various places looking for hot clips of her and I have some. Enjoy.

Leonia Coccia Nude

Leonia Coccia Nude Photos

The Italian big brother “Grande fratello” is a lot more exiting to watch than any other version I’ve seen so far, why? Because there women is fucking banging! That’s right there chicks are hot, I’m amazed to the size of there boobs I mean were talking d cups.

And their bodies, anyways Cristina del basso was the first one I targeted on this blog, now another chick of big brother gat my attention, you’re sitting there reading this so chances are you found this blog by searching for her name already, you might also have added a few interesting variations of fraises after her name like –

Leonia Coccia Nude Photos
Leonia Coccia Oops Pictures


Leonia Coccia naked pics

What ever, what im trying to say though is that she is hot and I went looking for an oops video of her and guess what? I found one.

Its not the most exciting video clip of Leonia Coccia though but its at lest a clip so here we go.

Leonia Coccia Nude Photos, Video, etc.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christina Del Basso Nude

Grande Fratello 9 Cristina del Basso Nude
Have you seen the nockout "Christina Del Basso"? she got huge tits! her breasts is enormus! on top of that christina has got a beautiful face and her sexy body is banging.
checkout the video of "Grande Fratello 9 Cristina del Basso" bellow.

Monica bellucci is in my opinion the hotest woman in the world but christina is another good example of beautiful italian women!

"Grande Fratello 9"